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Kalisia Matthews

June 17, 2000 - December 21, 2020
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Kalisia was born on June 17, 2000. She grew up in Mississippi and Virginia. She called both places home. She loved music, writing books, dancing, family and friends. She attended Liberty High School in Arlington, Virginia. She was a cheerleader throughout high school. Kalisia graduated in 2018. Kalisia was accepted into Mississippi State University toContinue Reading

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Kat Trejo left a message on February 28, 2021:
I listened to a song you used to post on your snap because your other half loved it, Element. Your departure from the earth bound world hit me a little harder today because above what everyone else thought and said about you, you continued to live life on your own terms. Belonging to no one and always 10 toes down for yours. Not seeing your snaps anymore is saddening because it was really the only connection we shared besides our occasional messages about how our government group needed to link, I wish we would have. I hope you're finding peace and catching up with old friends. Rest easy, Keke.
Henny left a message on December 30, 2020:
Keke, I want to thank you. Man my little sister loved you tons. I thank you for being a TRUE GENUINE person. You were so humble. I respected you a lot. You once hit me up and asked me about my sister even though at one point y'all weren't really talking. The love that was there allowed you to put your pride to the side and ask me about her. Keke you don't understand I'll never forget that day. I respected you much more after that. Before all that though I was fresh out of jail. I was older than y'all just by like two years. My sister introduced me to you. I was like man this little crazy girl bouncing off the walls and whatnot. But you didn't care. AT ALL. You did you. You wore what you liked. You said what you felt like saying. You just were so independent I know you was gonna ball when you were older. You were gonna make it keke. I NEVER looked at you and thought she's not going to become anything. I KNOW you were gonna be brilliant. A business woman. Baby girl you was gonna SHINE! I thank you mother and family for raising you, it hurt you to see other people hurt. You liked helping. Even if that meant that you were gonna be low. I'm sure this comes within the family. So thank you for sharing a piece of you to this cold WOLRD we are in. I hope you and yez can guide and throw some of that kindness down here. We still need you to help us get thru this. Watch over us keke. Send all the strength you can to your mom okay?.much love to you.Please say hello to my nephew for me. May you finally Rest In Peace .
Carlos left a message on December 30, 2020:
I first met Keke in 6th grade, we had the same English class. We were such babies at that time, but she first started talking to me because she really loved my shoes(Jordans) and it was a wonderful conversation that I will always remember. Every time class started I would sit somewhere opposite from her and she would tell me to go sit next to her and from there on I would always sit next to her in class. She was always fun to sit next to because she would make me laugh and distract me so much, but I never cared. She then became my best friend and we had a tight bond, that was like another sister to me. She has always been there for me no matter if we faded from each other, we always found each other again. I will always remember the little and big things about her. She was the most perfect soul on this planet, always loved to have a good time and always looking out for one another. This one definitely broke my heart into many pieces, but the love I had/have for her will always keep it together. I'm so sorry that this happened, but god bless her soul and family. I love you so much Keke, forever and always my best friend. Thank you for everything.
Brianna left a message on December 30, 2020:
My babygirl, I wish we had more time to make new memories but I'm blessed to be able to cherish the ones we made. You will never be forgotten, I'll make sure of it. You used to talk about how you wanted to be with Yez and I pray you have found each other. I pray you are at peace and in a better place. I pray that you give the family/squad the strength and guidance we need without you here. I miss you more than words could ever explain, I love you Chong. This ain't goodbye, just a see you later, ima see you ona other side!!! IV is forever, forever my sister.
The Bridges to Independence Team left a message on December 30, 2020:
Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum was purchased for the family of Kalisia Seanta Matthews. Send flowers
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Ana Sofía Uro de León left a message on December 30, 2020:
Heaven has really gained a beautiful angel. She will be forever remembered. That smile and laugh could never be replaced. I wish her family and closest friends nothing but peace and that they my mourn and heal in due time. My love and prayers are you with you all. You will be missed by many Keke. May you find peace and rest now. Te quiero pa siempre preciosa. Gracias por tu cariu00f1o.
Mirtha left a message on December 30, 2020:
Good morning sister another day has started and Iu2019m sadden youu2019re not here to share this morning with me I canu2019t express to you over this message how much I miss you and love you this Christmas was not the same without you and usually Iu2019d spend Christmas away so we would always give each other our gifts after I got back but this time I stayed and I just will forever wish I got a hold of you sooner my heart has been left broken but Iu2019m not mad at you I could never be mad at you for too long anyways Iu2019m sorry Keke there was so much for us to do but mainly there was so many more things you needed to accomplish so we will do them for you save a spot for us up there and for me Iu2019ll meet you on the dark side of the moon your forever baby shmurda with the burner
Ingris left a message on December 30, 2020:
To my sister, I am so sorry that our friendship has ended so soon. I can only hope now that youu2019re no longer in pain and that youu2019re no longer suffering.. you were so strong though, I ask that you lend your strength to me to continue this life without you. Memories of you run through my mind all day, everything weu2019ve done and everything weu2019ve shared in the last 10 years. I will miss your love, hugs & kisses. More importantly I will miss you. Youu2019ve left a hole in my heart that no one else will ever be able fill. You were so full of life and I wish more people got to experience you, I just thank god that I did. If I didnu2019t have anyone I always had you. As long as I walk this earth you wonu2019t be forgotten, you are truly my soulmate. Thank you for letting me be your sleeze and for being my best friend. Until we meet again princess
Shaila washington left a message on December 30, 2020:
I never thought I would be saying goodbye to my cousin who I cared so much about dearly. All our memories thatu2019s weu2019ve shared together has turned into vivid dreams. I remember just yesterday, keeks, josh and Sean were over my house for my 4th birthday eating cake and getting face painted by the clowns. I wish I wouldu2019ve been there and said more because there was a lot of things me and keeks couldu2019ve done before her passing. It pains me to know that youu2019re not here with us anymore but just know youu2019ll never be forgotten by youu2019re friends and family... I love you keeks and youu2019ll always have a place in my heart. Rest In Peace Babyhonchok
Terrell Rowland left a message on December 30, 2020:
I love you baby . rest in peace !!!
Northern Virginia Burial & Cremation Society left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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