Our entire staff, has signed a Cremation Code of Ethics to maintain the highest standards.

From the moment your Funeral Director and loved one arrive, they enter our enclosed, secure, and climate controlled receiving area, which is then closed so the transfer of your loved one is private.

Your loved one is immediately identified and placed in a hospital gown.

Once a cremation container has been selected by the family, your loved one is placed in that container. If we do not have clothing, a hospital gown is used.

After the Medical Examiner has given authorization for the cremation, our Certified Cremation Technician along with the licensed funeral director will review all cremation paperwork and sign the cremation order prior to the cremation.

We record the name of your loved one, the date and time of the cremation, identification number, crematory operators name as well as additional information regarding the cremation in our cremation log book.

Only one individual is able to be cremated at a time.

Once completed, the cremated remains will be carefully removed from the cremation chamber and processed into finer fragments and placed into the urn or container the family selects or provides.

We will have one of our trained licensed funeral directors present during the entire process.