1. An identification tag with their name is immediately placed on your loved one the moment they come into our care.
  2. We place your loved one in the cremation container that was selected and write their name and identification information on the container. The Commonwealth of Virginia requires the use of a cremation container.
  3. The family may spend time with their loved one in a private room.
  4. The Authorization for Cremation is signed by the family, which indicates their loved one has been identified and gives us written permission to proceed with the cremation.
  5. The death certificate is signed by the doctor and then filed at the county health department. The Medical Examiner signs the Cremation Authorization which is required for all deaths occurring in Virginia and Washington DC.
  6. All forms are checked for accuracy by the licensed funeral director.
  7. Your loved one’s information is logged into the Cremation Log, which records their name, age, date of death, place of death, and date and time of cremation as well as the type of cremation container used.
  8. Our CANA (Cremation Association of North America) certified crematory operator checks all forms as well as the identification of your loved one before the cremation takes place.
  9. Immediately after the cremation is complete, the cremated remains, often referred to as “ashes,” are placed into the urn or receptacle that was selected (or provided), marked with proper identification and returned to the family via the means selected during arrangements.
  10. The family must sign a statement taking custody of the cremains as well as the death certificates.